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    Particle Physics and Astronomy Cambridge, UK
    Oleh : PPARC
    Rabu, 3 April 2002 (11:27 WIB) dari IP

    Particle Physics and Astronomy
    International Undergraduate Summer School
    Cambridge, UK.
    24 June to 2 August 2002

    "I know I have used the words "excellent" and "brilliant" a lot ... but I|APO|m not sure what else to say! I fully enjoyed every aspect of the course. I
    feel very privileged to have been a part of the Summer School " - 2001 course attendee.

    This highly successful PPARC-funded course, run previously in 2000 and 2001, is to be repeated in 2002.

    The International Undergraduate Summer School (IUSS) 2002 will bring together, for six weeks, students from around the world who are
    seriously considering a future career in either astronomy or particle physics. Applicants should have completed at least two years of an
    undergraduate course, but should also be at least a year away from graduating with a first degree in an appropriate subject.

    Students attending the Summer School will have a fascination for studying the Physics of the Universe, whether it be the behaviour of subatomic
    particles or the structure and evolution of the largest galaxies. They will show flair and originality in their careers to date and they will meet
    others of like minds who will help them to formulate their future career directions.

    During their time together students will attend lectures by some of the top researchers in Cambridge and elsewhere in the UK, learning about the
    most exciting topics in the field today. They will also spend time on a research project and present their results to the group during the last week.
    * Please note that because of the nature of the subject, the opportunities for a research project in particle physics will be limited.
    A day-trip to CERN in Switzerland is planned to see the massive accelerators and detectors and to learn first hand about current and future
    particle physics experiments at this European laboratory.

    The Summer School will be hosted by the Cavendish Laboratory, the Institute of Astronomy (IoA) and the Department of Applied Mathematics
    and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP) at the University of Cambridge. It will be funded by the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council

    The course is open to students who have a background in the relevant physical sciences, mathematics or engineering. We expect to offer about
    24 places and this will be achieved by balancing students|APO| academic excellence with their background and interests. Students must be able to
    attend for the full course and also have a good working knowledge of English. Accommodation will be provided at St Edmunds College which is
    within walking distance. Students will each receive a weekly allowance of 65 and funds will also be available for travel to and from Cambridge
    by the most economical route.

    Click here for an Application form and a Referee|APO|s Report Form

    All applications and referees reports should reach the organisers by 12 April 2002 . We expect to inform successful applicants by the end of

    (More information on the Summer School may be obtained by looking at last year|APO|s website with links to the programme of lectures, the student
    lectures etc. IUSS 2001 ) Poster

    Click on this thumbnail image for a full colour poster (343k).

    More about the place and the people
    Information on the three University groups taking part in this programme, the Institute of Astronomy (IoA), the Cavendish Laboratory , and the
    Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP) can be found on these web sites. Here you will find lists of staff
    members and some details of their current research projects as well as more general information.

    The Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council, the UK|APO|s strategic science investment agency, directs and co-ordinates the funding of
    research in national and international programmes in particle physics, astronomy, cosmology and space science. Click on the PPARC website
    for more information about its programmes.

    Where are we?
    Click here for a map of west Cambridge showing the Institute of Astronomy. The Cavendish Laboratory is across the Madingley Road from the
    IoA. DAMTP is part of the Centre for Mathematical Sciences which has recently moved to nearby Wilberforce Road.

    The University of Cambridge website gives links to other information about the city. Click on the |APO|Information for Visitors|APO| to find Travel
    Information for getting to Cambridge.

    Visas to enter the UK and Switzerland.
    Students will be responsible for making their own visa arrangements, but a letter will be supplied to successful applicants to inform the
    immigration authorities that they have been accepted on the course. Remember to get |APO|multiple entry|APO| visas and to check if a visa is needed to
    enter Switzerland if the planned visit to CERN goes ahead.

    The organising committee.
    The Summer School is being organised by Dr Margaret Penston (IoA), Professor Douglas Gough (Director, Institute of Astronomy), Professor
    Malcolm Longair (Head of Department, Cavendish Laboratory), Dr Dave Buscher (Astrophysics Group, Cavendish Lab) and Dr Toby
    Wiseman (DAMTP)

    Any correspondence should be sent to:
    Dr Margaret Penston, Institute of Astronomy, Madingley Road, Cambridge CB3 0HA,
    Tel: |PLS|44 (0)1223-766655, Fax: |PLS|44 (0)1223-337501


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