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    First Circular : The 9th Asian-Pacific Regional IAU Meeting (APRIM 2005)
    Oleh : Organising Committees
    Jumat, 10 September 2004 (20:19 WIB) dari IP

    First Circular

    The 9th Asian-Pacific Regional IAU Meeting (APRIM 2005)
    Bali International Convention Centre, Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia
    26-29 July 2005

    Dear Colleague,

    We cordially invite you to participate in the 9th Asian-Pacific
    Regional IAU Meeting (APRIM 2005), to be held in Bali, Indonesia, 26-29
    July 2005.

    Objective of the APRIM 2005:
    The series of Asian Pacific Regional Meeting accommodates all possible
    efforts to raise the standard of research and education in astronomy for
    all its members by promoting collaboration in both aspects. Recent
    remarkable achievements in the frontiers of astronomy and astrophysics
    will be reviewed by invited speakers, and all participants are
    encouraged to present their recent works in the form of talk or poster.
    An ample of time is available for discussions which is certainly the
    efficient way in distributing and sharpening knowledge and skill,
    promoting new ideas, and creating collaborations. A special attention
    would be given to on-going and promising future astronomical projects
    and astronomical education and popularisation in a way that they would
    be to the benefit of as many members as possible.

    The scientific sessions will cover the following topics:
    1. Solar Physics, Planetary Systems, and Sun-Earth Interaction
    2. Stellar Evolution, Activities, Binaries
    3. Compact Objects, AGNs, and High Energy/Cosmic Ray Astrophysics
    4. The Milky Way, Interstellar Matter, Star Formation
    5. Galaxies, Large Scale Structure, Cosmology
    6. Numerical Astrophysics
    7. Progress in Astronomical Instrumentation
    8. Astronomy with Small Telescopes
    9. Education and Popularisation of Astronomy (Special Session)*
    *This special session can be attended by teachers, students, amateurs,
    journalists etc. beside the regular participants. Those who attend only
    this special session do not need to pay the registration fee.

    The Scientific Organising Committee:
    B. Boyle (Australia), R. Taylor (Canada), L. Bronfman (Chile), C. Fang
    (China Nanjing), D. Q. Su (China Nanjing), G. Zhao (China Nanjing), S.
    Kwok (China Taipei), J. V. Narlikar (India), B. Hidayat (Indonesia), I.
    Radiman (Indonesia), W. Sutantyo (Chair, Indonesia), S. Ikeuchi (Japan),
    N. Kaifu (Japan), S. Mineshige (Co-Chair, Japan), H. M. Lee (Korea), J.
    Hearnshaw (New Zealand), I. S. Kim (Russia), J. Huchra (USA)

    The Local Organising Committee:
    Premana W. Premadi (Chair, ITB), Satria Bijaksana (ITB), Djoni N.
    Dawanas (ITB), Dhani Herdiwijaya (ITB), Thomas Djamaluddin (LAPAN),
    Taufiq Hidayat (ITB), Chatief Kunjaya (ITB), Hakim L. Malasan (ITB),
    Mahasena Putra (ITB), Moedji Raharto (ITB), Mezak A. Ratag (BMG),
    Suhardja D. Wiramihardja (ITB)

    Registration fee: US$ 250.00; covering: Conference daily lunch, Coffee
    breaks (2 per day), Welcoming reception, Conference dinner banquet,
    Transportation airport/hotel, Conference bag and kit, and Proceedings.

    The registration fee justification:
    Considering the current worldwide situation, we put the safety and
    security of all participants as the top priority, and we do not leave
    room for bargain on this decision. This reflects in our choice of
    conference venue and accommodation. The conference venue and the hotel
    are connected, and thus no local transportation is ever required during
    the APRIM 2005. Buffet lunch is provided everyday during the meeting,
    again to ensure the safety of all participants, as the location of the
    venue/hotel (Nusa Dua area) is secluded and is quite a distance away
    from the closest town (Denpasar).

    The APRIM 2005 will take place in the Bali International Convention
    Centre, an excellent meeting venue and facility, located in the Nusa Dua
    area in the southern part of Bali.

    The Westin Resort, which is adjacent to the Bali International
    Convention Centre, offers a substantially reduced room price for
    participants who register early enough for the meeting. The Westin
    Resort is a five star hotel with luxurious indoor and outdoor facilities
    and private beach. Transportation to/from the Bali International Airport
    from/to the Westin Resort is provided. Breakfast and service tax are
    included in room rates.

    The Proceedings of the APRIM 2005 will be issued 6 month after the
    meeting following IAU regulations. We ask all participants to prepare
    their papers ahead of time in order to meet this regulation. The
    template would be provided in the website.

    Financial Support:
    Very limited amount of financial support will be available for
    participants in need. Please refer to registration procedures for
    further details.

    Important dates:
    22 November 2004 : Open for on-line registration
    27 February 2005 : Deadline for registration and abstract
    submission for those who wish to give oral
    presentation and/or need financial support.
    Selection by SOC.
    25 April 2005 : Notification of the selection result
    29 May 2005 : Deadline for registration and abstract
    submission for poster presenters.
    25 July 2005 : Re-registration and welcoming reception
    : Satellite Meetings (tentative)
    26 July 2005 : Opening of the APRIM 2005
    29 July 2005 : Closing of the APRIM 2005

    Preliminary Scientific Program:

    Session 1: Solar Physics, Planetary Systems and Sun-Earth Interaction
    Solar Physics: Chairs: Fang, Kim
    Planetary systems: Chair: Hearnshaw
    Sun Earth Interaction: Chair: Radiman

    Session 2: Stellar Evolution, Activities, Binaries
    Stellar evolution, activities: Chairs: Kwok, Zhao
    Binaries: Chairs: Hidayat, Sutantyo

    Session 3: Compact Objects, AGNs and High Energy/Cosmic Ray Astrophysics
    Compact objects & High energy astrophysics: Chairs: Mineshige, Sutantyo
    AGNs, QSOs: Chair: Boyle

    Session 4: The Milky Way, ISM, Star Formation
    The Milky Way: Chair: Hidayat

    Session 5: Galaxies, Large Scale Structure, Cosmology
    Galaxies, Large scale structure: Chairs: Huchra, Ikeuchi
    Cosmology: Chair: Boyle, Huchra

    Session 6: Numerical Astrophysics
    Numerical astrophysics: Chair: Lee

    Session 7: Astronomical Instrumentation
    Astronomical Instrumentation: Chairs: Kaifu, Su, Taylor

    Session 8: Astronomy with small telescopes:
    Astronomy with small telescopes: Chairs: Hidayat, Narlikar

    Session 9: Education and Popularisation
    Education and popularisation: Chairs: Hidayat, Mineshige, Narlikar

    Call for Proposals for Satellite Meetings:
    The LOC can arrange for meeting rooms for Monday afternoon, July 25
    2005. Proposals must be submitted by October 23, 2004.

    For further details regarding the meeting and accommodation, please

    Contact Address:
    Premana W. Premadi (LOC Chair)
    Department of Astronomy Phone : 62-22-251-1576
    Institut Teknologi Bandung Fax : 62-22-250-9170
    Jl. Ganesha 10 e-mail :
    Bandung 40132, Indonesia

    Thank you for your kind attention. We look forward to hearing from you.

    On behalf of the Local and Scientific Organising Committees,

    Premana W. Premadi


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