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    Conference on Solid State Ionics 2007
    Oleh : Evvy Kartini
    Jumat, 2 Maret 2007 (14:04 WIB) dari IP

    "Conference on Solid State Ionics 2007 in conjuction with the Scientific
    gathering on the International Joint Research Program"

    "Advanced Research for Better Life"
    DRN, Serpong, August 1-3, 2007

    ] Organized and hosted by :
    National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN)
    and Agency for Assesment and Application of Technology (BPPT)
    ] Dear colleagues
    We are proudly organizing the 2007 Conference on Solid State Ionics
    (2007-CSSI) and on behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 2007-CSSI, we
    are pleased to invite all friends and collegues to the Conference.

    Solid State Ionics is a growing interdisciplinary branch of science and
    technology. It deals with ionic conducting materials. SSI materials cover
    a wide spectrum, ranging from inorganic crystalline, polymer, solids,
    ceramic, glasses, composite materials and nanoscale materials.

    Several application of solid sstae ionics include: fuel cell, rechargeable
    battery, Li-ion battery, sensor devices (nano sensor, bio sensor),
    supercapacitor, pacemaker, smart windows, photovolataic etc.

    A large number of scientists all over the world are engaged in research
    activities in SSI materials and devices, incl.scientists from indonesia.
    They are coming from multi discipline of science and wide variety aspects
    includes theoretical study, modelling, experimental technique, device
    fabrication, material characterization etc.

    The Asian Society of SOlid State Ionics and teh international Society of
    Solid State Ionics have played important role in organizing conferences on
    SSI. However, Indonesia having a large number of scientists working in
    this field has yet to convene in a formal forum to discuss the SSI current
    status. Therefore it is important to organize an event that can accomodate
    and meet the need of formal meeting where an intensive communication
    between participants, coming from local as well as international research
    institutions, univeristies and industries, are expected.

    We cordially extedn our invitation to all participants to join and make
    this seminar successful.

    Sincerely yours,
    Dr.rer.nat. Evvy Kartini

    Aspect of the conference
    The 2007-CSSI will offer 3 days of workshop, symposium and scientific
    First day of event will cover workshop on basic theory, and application of
    solid state ionics (Li-ion battery,biosensor, supercapacitor, fuel cell).
    The second day of event will cover pleanry lectures, and topical interest
    symposia in oral and poster presentations.
    The scientific gathering of the International joint Research Program is to
    be held on the third day, August 3, 2007.

    Major Topic of Workshop:
    1. Basic Theory and Experimental method
    2. Application in Rechargeable Battery, Li-ion battery, Fuel cell,
    3. Application in Biosensor and detector

    Major Topic of Conference;
    1.Basic Research of solid state ionics. theory and modelling
    2.Energy: Li-ion battery or other battery; fuel cell (Solid oxide,
    polymer, etc), electrode and electrolyte materials, photovoltaic, membrane
    reactor and separator, ion and mixed conducting polymer and inorganic
    3.Health: Biosensor, Biointerface, Biomaterial, Pacemaker
    4.Environment: Sensors and nano sensor devices, smart window
    5. Synthesis & characterization: Microscopy, Spectroscopy, Neutron
    scattering and X-ray diffraction.
    6. Emerging technologies and instruemtnation.

    All accepted papers are to be published in the CD-proceeding;
    expected to be distributed on the conference day.

    The Instruction of authors and the template of abstract
    and manuscript can be downloaded from :

    All submission of abstract, manuscript, and revised manuscript should be
    sent via e-mail to the CSSI-secretariat:

    Important Dates:

    Abstract deadline : April 10, 2007
    Manuscript deadline : June 15, 2007
    Revised manuscript : July 15, 2007
    Registration deadline : July 16, 2007
    Worskhop : August 1, 2007
    Conference : August 2, 2007
    Scientific gathering* : August 3, 2007
    (*only for the International Joint Research program)

    Information on registration:
    registration could be made by sending the registration form by airmail,
    fax or e-mail to the secretariat no later thatn July 16, 2007.

    For Indonesian delegates:

    Industry Researcher Student*
    Workshop : IDR. 350.000,- IDR.250.000,- IDR.100.000,-
    COnference : IDR.300.000,- IDR.200.000,- IDR.100.000,-

    For International participants**:
    Industry Researcher Student
    Workshop&Conference US$300 US$200 US$100

    Registration fee includes: one program booklet, a CD of Proceedings, lunch,
    morning and afternoon tea/coffee breaks.
    *not including proceeding.
    **including welcome reception

    For bank transfer please remit to:
    Bank name: Bank Mandiri
    Branch Name: Serpong (cash outlet)
    Account Name: Sulistioso Giat S
    Account Number: 128-00-0491625-7

    Registration Form :
    Pls faxt to CSSI-2007 Secretariat +62-21-7560926 or 7563370
    Before JULY 16, 2007

    Please Register me as :
    ( ) Participnat and I will present my paper entitled :
    ( ) Particpiant and I wll not present any paper

    ( ) Participant for Workshop

    Name : ............
    Affiliation :.....................
    Address :.........................

    I will pay my registration fee
    ( ) By bank transfer
    ( ) On registration desk during re-registration

    Dr.Kusmayanto Kardiman (Menristek)*

    Prof.Dr.Masatoshi Arai (JAEA, Japan)
    Prof.Dr. Takashi Kamiyama (KEK, Japan)
    Prof.Dr. Stefan Adams (NUS, Singapore)
    Prof.Dr. Malcolm F. Collins (McMaster Univ., Canada)
    Prof.Dr. Takashi Sakuma (Ibaraki University, Japan)
    Dr.Shane J.Kennedy (ANSTO, Australia)
    Dr.Zin Tun (Chalk River Laboratory, Canada)
    Prof.Dr. Prabaharan Sahaya (Notingham Univ.Malaysia)~Li-battery &
    Dr. Achyar Oemri (LIPI)~ Current status Fuel cell in Indonesia
    Dr.Evvy Kartini (BATAN)~Solid State battery
    Dr.Eniya L.Dewi (BPPT)~fuel cell
    Dr.Pratondo Busono (BPPT)~biosensor

    Prof.Dr.Sudyartomo Soentono APU, Head of BATAN
    Dr.Pramudita Anggraita, Deputy Head of BATAN
    Dr. Bambang Setiadi, Deputy Minister of Research and Technology
    Dr. Ridwan, Director of PTBIN
    Dr. Rifatul Widijati, Director of PTFM, BPPT


    Dr. Finarya Legoh, Minsitry Research and Technology
    Prof.Dr.marsongkohadi, Dr.Mitra Jamal, Dr.Wilson Wenas-Physics Dept., ITB
    Prof.Dr. mardhono, Mechanical Engineering, ITB
    Dr.Ing. Priyo S, Prof.Masno Ginting (LIPI)
    Dr.Jarnuzi G, Dr. Widiyanti and Dr.Yoki Yulizar, Chemistry Dept, UI
    Dr.Azwar manaf, Dr.C. Imawan, Physics Dept., UI
    Dr.Agushadi Santosa W, Dr. Ing Partowiyono, Arya Rezavidi, MEE,PhD, -BPPT

    Chairman: Dr. Evvy Kartini (BATAN)
    Vice chairman: Dr.Pratondo Busono (BPPT)
    Program: Dr.Ing, Pudji Untoro, Teguh YSS,
    Treasurer: Drs.Sulistioso Giat SS
    Secretary: Yualina R.

    For more information please contact:

    or visit website:

    We attached also Broschure of CSSI-2007

    Please help to distribute this information to your collegues, staffs,
    postdocts, students etc.

    Best regards,
    Evvy Kartini


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