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    Dark Matter Awareness Week 1-8 December 2010 : Dark Matter in Galaxies
    Oleh : Paolo Salucci
    Minggu, 26 September 2010 (08:15 WIB) dari IP

    Dear colleague,

    I'd like that you know and consider joining with your institute in this initiative, maybe forwarding it to a colleague, if this turns up proper and necessary:

    many regards
    Paolo Salucci (for the SOC)


    Dark Matter Awareness Week 1-8 December 2010
    "Dark Matter in Galaxies"
    A Journal Club Seminar at your institute

    This event aims to increase the basic knowledge on the " The Dark Matter Phenomenon in Galaxies" among (the large community of) Physicists and Astrophysicists that, theoretically, observationally, experimentally or with simulations, are involved or just interested on this issue. The full details at available at

    Re: Dark Matter Awareness Week 1-8 December 2010 : Dark Matter in Galaxies
    Oleh : Salucci Paolo
    Selasa, 25 Januari 2011 (07:31 WIB) dari IP

    Dear Friend speaker of DMAW 2010

    First I apologize for sending a collective mail, but consider this as a
    personal message !

    this is the final newsletter of DMAW 2010. First, I want simply to
    thank you. Without you the initiative could not have taken place, and
    to you goes the credit for its success at your Institute!

    I can now project the relevant figures: the DMAW seminar(s) was
    (were) delivered in 140 Istitutes of 46 countries and followed by 4300

    As a whole it has been a big success. As we guessed, many colleagues
    working in Cosmology, Extragalactic Astrophysics, and Astroparticle
    (CEAA) were open to increase their background on the issue of Dark
    Matter in Galaxies and have appreciated the initiative very much. In
    the attached file "comments" you can read the opinions of your DMAW
    colleagues about the seminars and the initiative itself. From
    these it is evident that the innovative way to spread a specific
    scientific message created by DMAW 2010 has fully reached its task.
    With respect to a large part of the CEAA community we did succeed to
    upgrade the role of the phenomenology of galaxy dark matter in
    cosmological studies.

    A short movie, that much better that any word, describes the DMAW
    2010 event, has been created and put on Youtube.

    Dark Matter Awareness Week - The Movie

    Please append the attached movie poster in your institute (an A4 color
    print will do it) and take few minutes to watch it.

    One of its aims of this short movie of 6 minutes is to show to the
    astrophysics community that, around this initiative, a world-like
    network has arisen, involving people of different age, country and
    academic status, all attracted by one of the greatest mysteries of
    the Universe.

    If you are in facebook or other social network please share the link of
    the movie.

    We think that we must keep this network alive. So motivated we also
    opened a facebook webpage Dark Matter Awareness Week.

    In the website we will put, soon, the definitive
    ppt version of the seminar + Notes (improved also by yours
    suggestions), the individual presentations we received and other
    material. This is a fundamental step of DMAW 2010 in that it
    provides the whole CEAA community with the Review Talk and the
    related material.

    This newsletter relates the speakers, the SOC and the LOC, however, we
    are going to use it only in case of new Events. We have not decided
    yet for a 2011 Event, nor whether we will choose an argument in
    Cosmology (very different from the present one) and continue the 2010
    scheme of a general intermediate-level lecture or whether, keeping
    focused on the Dark Matter issue, organize local microconferences
    about the latest scientific results. Any suggestion is welcome.

    Again Thank you also on behalf of andrea, irina, christiane, gianfranco,
    chiara and sam and the entire SOC

    and I hope to meet all of you...soon !!!



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