Kesempatan studi di Univ. Tohoku
    Oleh : T. Mart
    Rabu, 19 Januari 2005 (08:47 WIB) dari IP

    I am sending you information about international graduate student course
    at school of science Tohoku university. The course has been established
    specifically for foreign students and they have relatively high chance
    of getting official scholarship by the Japanese government if he/she is
    selected. Even he/she fails to get it, there will be some financial
    support by the schoold of science, once they are admitted.

    The school wants to receive more application from good students
    and the application deadline has been postponed to March 1 from
    the original one.

    The detail information should be found in the attached pamphlet and also
    on the WEB page,


    The course covers not only physics but also other field of natural science,
    such as chemistry, mathematics etc. We also welcome students in nuclear
    physics(experiment or theorey) as well as other field of physics.

    Could you please dsitribute information to those who you may think
    appropriate ?

    Thank you for your help on this matter,



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