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    Date: Thu, 08 Sep 2005 20:17:29 -0400
    From: dpf@aps.org
    To: haryo@fnal.gov
    Subject: Proposed arXiv reorganization

    Message to members of the American Physical Society's
    Division of Particles and Fields, authorized by Mike Tuts, Secretary-Treasurer DPF

    Proposed Physics Reorganization

    An open letter to arXiv.org users from Nick Solomey, chair of the arXiv physics advisory committee:

    Dear arXiv users,

    The Physics section of arXiv.org will be undergoing some changes, and I would like to introduce you to them. Over the last few months, the physics advisory committee members and section moderators have been extensively discussing the new organization and subcategories. You can view the proposed list below.

    The first major change you will notice is that astrophysics has been subdivided into four sections, plus instrumentation. Our goal has been to keep the number of new astrophysics sections to a minimum, while also introducing a new super-section structure whereby a user interested in the entire astrophysics section need only click on the physics.AA super-section. The format of the paper-id will change, but the ability to look at new or recent listings in all of astrophysics will be maintained.

    We also thought that other sections of physics would benefit from this, so we have added super-sections for high energy physics, condensed matter physics, and nuclear physics. Other changes include categories that have been merged or subdivided based upon users' experiences and suggestions.

    Another major change to the arXiv.org system is adding more moderators.

    Rather fact over the last few months there are 14 new moderators, although many of these new moderators will cover the astrophysics subsections.

    I think all these changes are positive new features of the arXiv.org system, to boost our responsibilities to keep a high academic standard, increase the usability of arXiv.org, and be a site that will last for the next decade and beyond.

    We look forward to hearing comments (send these to comments@arxiv.org) about the new organization of the physics section over the next month before implementing these changes.



    The arXiv Physics Advisory Committee:
    * Ethan Vishniac (Johns Hopkins): astrophysics
    * Bruno Nachtergaele (UC Davis): mathematical physics
    * Gerd Schon (UniversitC$t Karlsruhe): condensed-matter theory
    * Brian Maple (UCSD): condensed-matter experiment
    * Debbie Jin (Colorado): AMO
    * Jacques Distler (Texas): high-energy theory
    * Nick Solomey (FNAL): high-energy experiment
    * Paul Ginsparg (Cornell): ex-officio staff liaison

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