New Form of Matter-antimatter Transformation Observed at BABAR
    Oleh : Romulus Godang
    Jumat, 16 Maret 2007 (07:44 WIB) dari IP

    Dear All,

    Pertama sekali ditemukan particle (matter) turn into its
    twin antiparticle (antimatter) in D-meson system sebelum decaying. This phenomena disebut D0-mixing. Dari 10^6 D0-mesons (matter) ditemukan 500 of them had changed into D0bar-mesons (antimatter twin) before decaying.
    Similar paper has been published from CLEO (another experiment at Cornell University) with confident level limit of D0-mixing.

    See R. Godang et al. (PRL 84, 5038, 2000) hep-ex/0001060.

    Penemuan baru yang kami observed di BABAR at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) akan mempengaruhi pandangan scientists tentang fundamental theory so called "Standard Model" --] beyond Standard Model: MSSM, 2HDM,
    New Physics, SUSY, GUT etc ?

    Detail information about D0-D0bar mixing is available at:

    This is a very exiting moment for everyone since it is the first time we have detected a D-meson making the switch. We had observed other kinds of mesons turning into antimatter counterparts such as in K-meson by Cronin and Fitch Nobel price 1980 (Brookhaven Laboratory in NY) and
    in B-meson by BABAR experiment (SLAC) and Belle experiment (Japan) in 2001.

    Further study for testing the Standard Model is underway. We might find new particles: Higgs Bosons, SUSY Particles, Black Holes, Extradimensions, Gravitons at LHC (Large Hadron Collider) such as CMS and ATLAS experiments in Switzerland by 2007/2008. Tevatron at Fermilab (D0 or CDF experiments) have a chance to see the Standard Model Higgs particle if its mass [ 170 GeV.


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