Artikel baru : Superstring and Gauge Theory Correspondence
    Oleh : Ardian Nata Atmaja
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    Superstring and Gauge Theory Correspondence

    Ardian Nata Atmaja

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    In the strongest form of the conjecture, the correspondence is to hold for all values of N and all regimes of coupling gs = g2Y M. Certain limits of the conjecture are, however, also highly non-trivial. The t Hooft limit on the SYM-side [2], in which   g2Y MN is fixed as N ! 1 corresponds to classical string theory on AdS5 S5 (no string loops) on the AdS-side. In this sense, classical string theory on AdS5 S5 provides with a classical Lagrangian formulation of the large N dynamics of N = 4 SYM theory, often referred to as the masterfield equations. A further limit  ! 1 reduces classical string theory to classical Type IIB supergravity on AdS5S5. Thus, strong coupling dynamics in SYM theory (at least in the large N limit) is mapped onto classical low energy dynamics in supergravity and string theory, a problem that offers a reasonable chance for solution. The conjecture correspondence is between a 10-dimensional theory of gravity and a 4-dimensional theory without gravity at all. The fact that all the 10-dimensional dynamical degrees of freedom can somehow be encoded in a 4-dimensional theory living at the boundary of AdS5 suggests that the gravity bulk dynamics results from a holographic image generated by the dynamics of the boundary theory. Therefore, the correspondence is also often referred to as holographic [3]. The main idea in Maldacena conjecture [1] was that a suitable theory on AdSd+1 would be equivalent to a conformal field theory in d dimensions. The most surprising statement in Maldacena conjecture was that to describe the N = 4 super Yang-Mills theory in four dimensions, one should not use only just low energy supergravity on AdS5 but the whole infinite tower of massive Kaluza-Klein states on AdS5S5. Chiral fields in the four dimensional N = 4 theory (this is fields in small representations of the supersymmetry algebra) correspond to Kaluza-Klein harmonics on AdS5 S5.

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