Tesis S2 : Symmetry Breaking through Higgs Mechanism in SU(6) GUT
    Oleh : Ardy Mustofa
    Senin, 19 Februari 2007 (23:22 WIB) dari IP

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    We impose the Higgs mechanism to break the Grand Unified Theory based on $SU(6)$ symmetry, $SU(6)$ GUT. We investigate and search for the Higgs multiplets which are approriate to generate masses for both fermions and gauge bosons. We have found that the most minimal Higgs multiplets are $[\Phi^{15}], [\Phi^{20}]$ and $[\Phi^{21}]$ to realize three steps of symmetry breaking in $SU(6)$ GUT down to the standar $SU(2) \times U(1)$ model. However within this minimal $SU(6)$ GUT, we can reproduce only some fermions spectra as $N_{4e}, \nu_{e}, N_{6e}$, $N_e$ and $d$ quarks, although we have deployed the most general forms of Higgs multiplets. On the other hand, the present approach have succeeded in generating the reguler gauge bosons, $W^{\pm}, Z^0$ and $A_\mu$.

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