2017 Vietnam School on Neutrinos (VSON) - Rencontres Du Vietnam
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    A school on Neutrino physics is planned to be organized at the International Center for Interdisciplinary Science and Education (ICISE), Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh from July 9th - July 21st 2017. The purpose of the school is to train and attract generations of students to follow neutrino physics, especially neutrino experimental physics. After the school, about two Vietnamese students will be selected to work in the Neutrino Group at ICISE (nuGroup@ICISE) as the Ph.D students. Other students with the equipped knowledge in this hot field might have chance to get Ph.D program in an international university with letters of recommendation from high-profile lecturers. Abstract of this school can be found at here. Detail information can be found in our school webpage.

    Number of students

    It’s about 15 students in total. It might be few students are from Japan and other Asia countries.

    Context of school

    Some following topics will be covered (not finalized yet):
    Neutrino Mass Models
    Neutrino in Standard Model
    Majorana vs. Dirac mass term
    See-saw mechanisms
    Neutrino Phenomenology
    Neutrino Oscillation
    CP violation in neutrino physics & leptogenesis
    Sterile neutrino & non-standard neutrino interactions
    Neutrinoless double beta decay
    Neutrino Detection
    Overview of particle detection techniques
    Conventional accelerator neutrino beam
    Technologies for neutrino detection
    101 Neutrino Analyses: Learn from data
    How to reconstruct neutrino event
    How to estimate neutrino cross-section
    How to extract neutrino oscillation
    How to deal with systematics
    Lab. training course

    How to apply:

    We accept applications for attending the school from January 10th to March 31st, 2017. Please send us your CV including your research interests. Please note that this is the introductory page for the school. Official school webpage can be found at here. If you have any question, please contact:
    V. Nguyen — nhvan@iop.vast.ac.vn or S. Cao — cvson@post.kek.jp

    More info: http://www-he.scphys.kyoto-u.ac.jp/member/nuICISE/Summer17-school.html

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