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    Dear Colleagues in Indonesia,

    The ASV6 (The Sixth Asian Symposium on Visualization) has come near. It is
    to be held in Pusan, Korea during May 28-31, 2001. The printed Call For
    Paper has been so far circulated but only in a limited scope. We are
    pleased this time to announce the new Symposium Website for ASV6.


    You can submit your paper through this website and make registration. The
    Day Tour Programs, the Post-Symposium Tour to Diamond Mountain in North
    Korea, the hotel information and others can be found in this website. The
    individual web surfer can view the abstracts of the submitted papers.

    Fortunately, the Symposium is being held in 2001, the "Visit Korea Year"
    designated by the government. We are planning enjoyable events and benefits
    for the foreign visitors on this occasion. The venue of ASV6 is also
    attractive. The PUEXCO is a brand new mammoth conference building dedicated
    to international meetings and exhibitions. The ASV6 will be one of the
    first conferences using this building. The trip to North Korea|APO|s Diamond
    Mountain after the Symposium is exclusive. The luxurious boat trip in the
    ocean followed by the visit to the breath-taking mountain scenery in North
    Korea will surely present unusual experience and friendship among the

    During the Symposium, one day is reserved for the industrial tour to POSCO
    (Pohang Steel Company) and Symposium tour to Kyongju, the historic city
    built in the first millennium. Together with the Day Tours, the Symposium
    will give much opportunity to look around the country.

    The Symposium can be evolved to a very successful and satisfactory one only
    through your share of contribution. We therefore cordially call for your
    papers and presence of you and your family in the ASV6.

    Yours Sincerely,

    ASV6 executive committee are always thinking of delegates|APO| conveniences.
    Chairman: Prof. Tae-Hyun Chang
    Dept. Mechanical Eng./ Kyungnam Univ.
    Tel) |PLS|82.551.249.2613, Fax) |PLS|82.551.249.2617
    email: changtae@hanma.kyungnam.ac.kr

    Chairman: Prof. Keun-Shik Chang
    Dept. Aerospace Eng./ Korea Advanced Inst. of Science and Technology
    Tel) |PLS|82.42.869.3711, Fax) |PLS|82.42.869.3710
    email: kschang@kaist.ac.kr

    General Editor: Prof. Kyung-Chun Kim
    School of Mechanical Eng./ Pusan National University
    Tel) |PLS|82.51.510.2324, Fax) |PLS|82.51.512.9835
    email: kckim@pusan.ac.kr

    General Administrator: Prof. Yeon-Won Lee
    Dept. of Mechanical Eng./ Pukyung National University
    Tel) |PLS|82.51.620.1417, Fax) :|PLS|82.51.620.1406
    email: ywlee@pknu.ac.kr

    Secretary General: Prof. Deog-Hee Doh
    School of Mech. & Information Eng./ Korea Maritime University
    Tel) |PLS|82.51.410.4364, Tel & Fax) |PLS|82.51.405.5991
    Email: doh@hanara.kmaritime.ac.kr


    PS.:Mohon mail diatas disebarkan ke teman-teman.

    Ir. Subyakto, M.Sc.

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